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From the beach to your home, we design multifunctional pieces that you can cherrish throughout the year, across the years


Sea You Soon is a premium lifestyle concept brand dedicated to enhancing your coastal way of living, from the beach to your home. 

Raised in the coastal suburbs of Athens, Greece, brothers and co-founders Grigoris and Constantinos Samaras have dedicated the Sea You Soon brand to everyone’s innate nostalgia for the nurturing sea, and in honor of an eternal summer.

Working together with local artisans in Greece and beyond, Sea You Soon offers sustainable elegance at its very best through carefully sourced natural raw materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods, all infused with an unwavering nomadic spirit, for items that will be cherished across the years, throughout the years. 

At the heart of Sea You Soon’s eco-conscious philosophy is a focus on honoring the brand’s core values of our reducing our environmental footprint and upholding the highest standards of the ecological, whilst providing functional and beautiful pieces of the finest quality.

With a minimal and natural aesthetic, patterns inspired by nature, and through a rainbow of earth and sea tones, Sea You Soon’s timeless resort line, homeware and interior collections spread soft shades of serenity into your surroundings, either at home or away. 

Whether through mesmerising monochrome or exclusively designed prints, every piece in the Sea You Soon collection celebrates the distant lands, summer hideouts and captivating cultures that have inspired them, sharing their heritage and unique stories with the cultured wanderers of the world.

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