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Founded in the early ’70s, the company is currently managed by Muris Mohebban and his two sons Daniel and Michael. Experience, tradition, quality, design, innovation and passion are the basis of Mohebban's work. The company offers customized solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding professionals. The offer includes a unique range of rugs that combine innovative design and excellent quality, full of charm and personality. Mohebban's carpets are all handmade and are realized with the finest materials, selected with great care in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Nepal and China. The experience gained in the activity and the continuous search for innovative and creative solutions have led the brand to gain more and more prestige at international level, also thanks to the participation in the most important furniture exhibitions in the world.

A company's prerogative has always been to focus on maintaining the high quality of products which, together with the passion for the product and the experience in the industry, allows to take care of the smallest details, fundamental to offer to customers worldwide unique and fine carpets. Our carpet weavers continue to work entirely by hand, using the same techniques of their ancestors, to enhance the unique heritage and significance of the traditional craftsmanship of the carpet. In addition, we always try to distinguish ourselves by creating original and innovative solutions that can add charm to any kind of furniture. Mohebban renews itself each year with new colors, materials and designs studied in its own laboratories, with the aim of constantly amaze and satisfy its customers.

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